Things I Do That Are Not So Good

I was going to call this post “My Bad Habits,” but it just felt so negative and stereotypical and all around ‘meh.’ Anyway, these things are more just not so great things, they don’t all reach up to bad habit level, you know? Use my computer late   There’s that whole thing where using technology with blue-based light right before you sleep it really bad for … Continue reading Things I Do That Are Not So Good

Little Survey for Humans

Hello all! Long time, no speak! Remember all that timeliness, dedication, organization stuff? Yeah still  a little rough on that one. But here’s something for you! Lately, I started to notice quite a few gaps on YouTube when if comes to the news-centered channels. I saw a lot of potential, and instead of waiting for something else to fill these gaps and someone else to … Continue reading Little Survey for Humans