Mune Favorites!

So, I kind of missed the entire month of May for those favorites, so call this Mune favorites!

Brown Rice   I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and brown rice is like the base of healthiness probably. At least that’s what Pinterest makes it look like. I’m not much of a chef, but Food has the best recipe I’ve found so far, yes, even better than Martha’s! I added a bit too much water but I love my rice a little squishy. This was just for the plain rice, nothing added. I had it with a bit of chicken breast, salt, pepper, and surprisingly, BBQ sauce, which is not a usual thing for me. It was tasty though! Definitely going to return to this recipe!

Arden Rose   She’s just a good human. She’s literally less than a year older than me, and it feels like she’s so much older and has her sh*t in order. Not that it’s a competition, but girl how?! I love her though, her videos and her voice and her general -ness is so calming and inspiring. She has such a creative, adventurous, and honest vibe that just oozes through the screen when you watch her and if just slides into your soul. That was weirdly deep, I think. Or maybe just weird, but that’s me. She’s great. Plus her new book Almost Adulting is a total need!

Will Darbyshire   Ironically, dating Arden, but I discovered him through her. And he’s pretty cool. He’s got a different style than the usual on YouTube. Reminds me a bit of Steven Suptic’s new content style. I mean, Will’s content came first, but whatever you get me. I really like his content, and with 77 videos to watch, I’ve got a busy day ahead of me!

Strawberries and Chocolate   After hating strawberries for most of my life, I finally tried them again. Safe to say I am a big fan. I discovered this a few weeks back after having some leftover chocolate chips from a brownie recipe (s/o to Paige for these little miracles). Instead of melting and dipping like a normal person, I literally just bite the strawberry and eat a piece or two of chocolate. It’s pretty ghetto, but it’s quick, easy, and tasty as hell.

So that’s it! A short post and another month gone, and as of posting this, I’ll be 21 in four days! So expect some alcohol-related favorites next month! Until next time, writing to you from M, Personally

“Write what you like and don’t think about think anyone reading it. Think about pleasing yourself, rather than pleasing someone else.”



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