21st Birthday Wishlist

That’s right all, I will be the big 2-1 this year!

Big two-one doesn’t have the ring of two-oh, does it? Either way, that’s what I’ve decided to start this post off by saying, and I’ve got to commit to it, no matter how awful!

I won’t keep you long with my babbles, but even though I’m twenty one (in a week and a day) and finally all the way legal (whoo!), I do indeed still have a birthday list! And you can judge me all you want. Birthday lists are great because it let’s all your family members know what to get you. And if they choose anything off the list that isn’t cash, you know who gets the passive aggressive gift come Christmastime.

Digestives   Specifically chocolate bottom ones. Just like David and Natalie, clearly we all have the best taste in tea biscuits.

Prosecco   I’m turning 21, I’m poor, and I want some bubbly! Plus Prosecco was highly recommended by Allana in her Italy vlogs, so I have to try!

Canon T6i   I’ve loved photography for most of my life. As long as I can remember, I loved taking photos. Being in them, less so. Canon is my go to, great starter camera and it has some great video capabilities. I’d really like 21 to be the year where I finally graduate and get myself a big girl camera. Whether it’s a present or something I buy for myself, it’s gotta happen this year.

Cheeseburgers   Birthday dinner, right here. All I gotta say.

Backpack   I don’t know what kind, but I do know it should be navy and/or red. I want to create one of those personality driven ones with pins and patches. A small part of me is a basic tumblr wannabe. Sue me. I like the look of the Herschel bags, but $70 for a backpack? Y’all gotta be high to think that money is worth it.

Four Legged Friend   Dog or cat, I’ll take either really, I’m not picky! It’s a long shot, but can never hurt to ask!



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