New Content: The Spotlight Series

Whooh, new content incoming!

I am excited to announce my new Spotlight Series. In each of the Spotlight posts, I will be talking about a local restaurant, person, business, or event that I think deserved a bit of recognition.

I’m going to start out focusing o restaurants for the following very serious, well thought out reasons:

  1. There are a lot of great local restaurants on Long Beach Island
  2. I love exploring the Island and the different foods on the Island
  3. Food is good, duh!

Not just in the leave no crumbs way, but in a way to connect with different people and cultures. I’m really excited to look deeper into the local food and culture and do my best to share it with you, no matter where you’re from. I already have a preliminary list of local restaurants I’m planning on Spotlighting:

Also, not restaurants, but will be spotlighted (spotlit?)

And also this September, Makers Festival and in October, Chowderfest!

I’ve linked all of the businesses too, so be sure to check out their social media, and pick up a bite to eat if you’re in the area!

Did I miss any of your favorite spots? Let me know! Until next time, I’ll happily be snacking and sharing, as always, coming to you from M, Personally.



Disclaimer: None of the above businesses have sponsored or paid me in any way for this post at the time of publishing. I chose them purely out of personal interest and my love of the use of subway tiles in design.


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