Dear Dear White People: A Review, Chapter 1

Welcome to Dear Dear White People, a comprehensive review of the show written by a bona fide white people. Er, person.
I usually don’t start off with an about the author, but in this case I think it’s necessary.
I am a 20 year old white woman. I grew up in a middle class family in a predominantly white town in New Jersey. After high school, I spent two years in Washington DC for college at American University, and will be transferring to Montclair State University next fall. I would call myself a political moderate. I tend to want to research things before I have opinions on them, which I know, is strange. That leads us here. I saw clips of MTV’s dear white people and to use polite terminology, I found it to be just problematic, unhelpful, and generally just incredibly annoying. When the trailer came out for Justin Simien’s Dear White People on Netflix, I was interested. I’ve taken it upon myself to watch, take notes on, report on, and share my opinion on it with you, Internet, which can be a dangerous risk. So without further ado,enjoy a white girl’s notes and opinions on Dear White People, and please, save all comments for the end. Especially the hateful ones.
“The paradox of education is that as one begins to become conscious, one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.” The James Baldwin quote was a beautiful choice.
Self aware, ethnic, but non threatening narrator sets a hilarious and accurate tone for the entire show.

Diverse group shots for admissions, this is incredibly accurate. I still have a mountain of fliers from schools, and they all look like that.

“Apparently this is a thing white children are into.” I’m not sure if I’m supposed to laugh, but I think so. I’ll laugh while cringing because that’s what this whole scene is.

So, violence isn’t the solution, but I entirely understand it here.

Samantha White — am I sensing some irony or foreshadowing with this name? I think I am..

For real though, she has amazing eyes.

Let’s not be the butthurt white people, because this is some beautiful, poignant satire here.

Pastiche’s comeback posters: kind of not cool, but still fair.

Pastiche, noun: An artistic work in a style that imitates another work, artist, or period.

Good music though!

On Halloween costumes: Rubber Obama masks = funny. Blackface Obama costumes = not funny. Very not funny.

I’m sorry, but McRibs are nasty. Just not good.

I really want a Shirley Chisholm tee now, that lady is a bad ass.

Hell yes, her show is divisive. Let’s use that as a starting point for conversation and discussion

If I hear race is a social construct one more time, I will put my head through this wall.

“I didn’t create the divide, I’m just calling attention to it.” YES!

To the dude in the navy sweater with red dots: … You single?

I want to be Samantha’s friend’s friend. Girl is hilarious and like, let’s get some Mickey Dee’s.

WOOAH OKAY we’re going there (If you’ve seen the show, you know exactly what I’m talking about)

Who’s that dude? He is hot though.. also I see you TV show with this sneaky reveal into a discussion on interracial relationships and the negative views of them from the black community.

Hold up, where are dorms that massive?? My last dorm bed, my toes stuck off the end of it, and my standard pillows were just as wide as the bed. This is where I call some bullsh*t.

They made Mac ’n’ Cheese Wednesdays a thing? This is a group I can stand with.

Getting some serious Mean Girls lunchroom vibes right now..

“Blacker than thou propaganda” This seems like a sly line, but it’s actually a really big problem. Not being (whatever) enough to fit into a group you identify with or as is a rampant belief. It’s what’s causing people to withdraw into these social groups and fall in with certain ideals and beliefs and separate from a unified population. The idea of not being enough really has contributed to the massive problem our American society has regarding not just race, but gender, sexuality, and other identifiers too.

The tagging, I know that tagging train, that’s a bad photo tagging train. That won’t be good..

You know, this is a lot of discrimination and judgement from a group of people who claim to be working for equality. Who really cares who she’s sleeping with or dating? Seriously, who does it matter?

I get the anger about the ‘secret bae’ thing. What I don’t get is the continual legitimate use of the word bae.

This school has some beautiful architecture.

Gabe is way less cute when he’s dressed like a hobo. Girl, drop him and those nasty ass flip flops.

Not-Scandal is great and cheesy. I love it.

This is how the revolution dies? Jeez Enjolras, don’t be so dramatic. Little bit of TV isn’t going to hurt anyone. And stop saying “Li-berry.”

This actually bothers me, when someone from X group says that someone else can’t be angry or offended at something, because they aren’t a part of the group. People like that, you are the problem. Spreading close-minded ideas of hate and division, and eliminating conversation and discussion.

Gabe is making an effort. And Enjolras is over here being salty and nasty. Calm down dude. Like I get it, but you don’t have to go 0–60 on the anger here.

Nerdy reporter kid, you are hilarious.

People shouldn’t have to hide their love for country music. Such a shame, this discrimination.

I actually have some really strong opinions on the term reverse racism. But I will save that discussion for another day.

Poor Abigail, she seems so innocent!

Sam has an amazing radio voice

The last five minutes of this show are freaking amazing. Sam’s short monologue gave me actual goosebumps.
Hold up. This plot twist. I totally should’ve seen it coming, but I so didn’t.

Three pages of notes later, and that’s it. My thoughts and opinions on the first episode of Dear White People. And it was pretty great. There’s a whole 9 more episodes to go though, so here’s to hoping it stays just as great. In the next few days, I’ll have my thoughts on the whole first season. It’ll be posted here, as one of the first opinion pieces from Nexus Broadcast. Remember I talked about Pursuing my Dream? This is it. We’re starting with written articles this week, and I cannot wait to see what the future brings.

Shameless promotion aside, now it’s time for the best part, the comments. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions below. I’d love to talk to you about the show, your thoughts on it, and your thoughts on my notes. Comments, questions, concerns, hate, love, or links to your favorite Mac ‘n’ Cheese recipes are all welcome. Let me know what you think, and be sure to keep an eye on Nexus Broadcast for a full review, coming soon!

Until next time, coming to you from M, Personally.


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