Pursuing a Dream

via Daily Prompt: Pursue

I was already going to write this post for Friday, but the Daily Prompt gods smiled upon me with today’s prompt, so who am I to question!

My dream has always been to become a YouTuber. I spent my younger and more formative years watching people putting dumb things on the internet, who now do it for a full time job. But at 10, when it wasn’t a job or celebrity base or a business tool, I loved YouTube. But there was always an excuse. I was too young, too poor, too busy, too boring, too (insert complaint here). Really, I was just too scared. I didn’t want to put myself out there, for fear of failing and being made fun of.

A lot of time has passed. I’ve changed as a person, in an infinite number of ways. Most importantly, I’ve embraced my creativity, I’ve embraced my dreams, and I’ve embraced myself. While I’m still scared of being out there, and failing, and being made fun of, I’m consciously working against that to pursue my dream.

I’ve taken my daydream of being ‘Internet Famous,’ and whipped it into an expandable business model, something that fills a niche and builds off of what the world needs right now to create the best possible product.

My goal is to build an independent news network. One supported by viewers and readers, not big business, and, dare I say it, “The Man,” because homie don’t play that!

I’m going to be honest with you here, I am tired of the scammy, money grabbing, bullsh*t that passes for news nowadays. It’s ridiculous. I don’t feel informed, it just makes me angrier and more confused. These massive networks that feed off of fear and anger. I want to build a network to inform and disseminate information in a factual way as well as building a community to share opinions, discuss issues, and work together towards.

I pursuing my dreams of being a YouTube content creator, being a writer, informing the public, solving problems (hopefully). But I can’t do it alone. I can pursue it alone, but I need a team. I want a team with me. I want writers, editors, researchers, hell I’ll even take some groupies at this point. I want to bring in conservatives, liberals, and moderates, men, women, and all the other genders I don’t really understand but I’m trying to, straight people, gay people, and all the other sexuality people. I want different backgrounds and ages and races and sexualities and genders coming together in support of informed, intellectual discussion for the betterment of our today, tomorrow, and whatever comes after.

I am pursuing this goal with every ounce of umph I can muster, and I need your help. I need a team, are you in?

If you are, reach out to me through any of my social medias, or by email, mckrier@comcast.net. Let’s make something happen.

As always, coming to you from M, Personally


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