Seven Happy Things

((Do you appreciate that rhyming bit there? Like Seven Deadly Sins, but Seven Happy Things? Just had to pat myself on the back for that one))

Last week, I spoke about seven things that I do that are less than great, things I want to work on in myself. I wanted to pick it up this week, add a bit more happy to it! The world needs more happy in it. So here are seven things in my life that make me happy, I tried to go with a few more non-conventional things too.

  1. Orange Juice   I start every day with a glass of orange juice. It’s great! Maybe it’s a little placebo effect, but I feel different when I skip it some mornings. I don’t eat enough fruits and veggies, and OJ is a great way to get some Vitamin C in my body. Plus it tastes way better than Emergen C.
  2. Music   A lot of this list centers around music, now that I think about it. But I love music! I always have it on, always trying to find new songs and artists, and I love supporting local artists. I’m not musically talented in any shape or form, I just love music. I always have it on wherever I go, and almost any genre!
  3. Create   I love to create and brainstorm and think and do things. Sometimes to a fault I think, but I really love it. I carry around a little notebook full of ideas and plans and thoughts and a little bit of inspiration spread throughout. It’s something I started doing only recently, in the past year or so, but
  4. Singing   Let’s just start here, I can’t sing. I’m about three steps up from excited donkey noises. But when the weather is nice, the windows are down in the car, and Sweet Caroline is on blast? Anyone who wouldn’t want to sing is an anarchist, don’t trust them. Singing is fun even if you’re bad. At least it is for me. And no amount of voice cracks or coughing bouts can stop me!
  5. Lip Balm   A great thing I do is that I apply lip balm like sixty thousand times a day. Which seems weird, but my lips are so, so dry. I go through so many tubes in a year, even actually finishing a couple of them! I’m like a lip balm aficionado at this point. That being said, it’s always better to use more balm and have soft lips, rather than never having it on you and looking like the Sahara lives on your face! I’ve been there. Not fun. Trust me.
  6. Buying Plants   It’s a real addiction. Starting around a year ago, I received small plant as a gift from my mom while I was at school. I really did love my little plant, a blue Forget-Me-Not named Harriet. She lived until this summer, when a squirrel knocked her over. Since then I’ve bought a ponytail palm, a primrose, clovers, an Ivy plant, and today, a large succulent plant. And currently using all of my strength not to buy a large palm for my room too. I’m slowly turning into a crazy plant lady, and I’m kind of okay with it?
  7. Dancing   Best for last! I love to dance. I absolutely can’t dance. But I love it. Legs flying, arms thrown around, spinning around, and usually some booty shaking. It’s just so much fun! I can and will dance to literally anything and any time. I usually have music on in the mornings when I’m eating breakfast. Even today, as I’m writing this, standing in my kitchen eating yogurt and dancing around like I am Le Freak, and having the best time of it!

I enjoyed writing this post! It was nice to think of the fun, quirky, happy things I do. Some of these things can be seen as flaws, but screw that! I love these things about me. It’s not a bad thing to love all the things about yourself, and turn some of the not-so-perfects into positives. That’s the end of my seven happy things. Until next time, coming to you from M, Personally


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