Things I’m Loving – April Favorites

Hello all you lovelies! Remember like fifty years ago when I tried to do a weekly recap post (tbt to the blogger side though)? Well I’ve decided that a monthly wrap up post would be better. I’m going with monthly favorites for now, but who knows, it might change in later months! I’ll try to keep the texty bits fairly short, so I can include everything I loved this month!

The RiseThe Rise/Will Haynes     In the final days of SourceFed, I made it a point to go through and follow all of my favorites from the show on all of their platforms. One of these people was Will Haynes. Long story short, I watched this video of his, looked up this song of his, and discovered his mixtape, The Rise. It was released in February and I am just in love with it. Rap usually isn’t my genre, but this has enough quirk to it, that it really got me! I would suggest you check it out, it’s really unique!

The O-freaking-A     I’m writing this in the midst of episode four, and like holy wow. I have so many questions left to ask and so many thing I want to know. At the end of every episode, I just cannot wait for the next one. I’m totally in. It’s amazing. I have, like, zero idea as to what is going on, and I love it! It’s been a long time since a show has had me this hooked, and you should definitely check it out.

Ready Player One   I love to read, but lately I’ve just felt so turned off from books. Been in a big, big book slump. I’ve been picking up books, and putting them down before getting even halfway. I heard a lot of great things about Ready Player One, and decided to try this one. I went in with not a lot of excitement, but after the first chapter, I was totally hooked! I ripped through the book, read it in maybe less than a week. It was great. Highly recommend!

Lime LaCroix     Anyone who knows me, knows that the true love of my life (after my dog of course) is LaCroix. I loved the lemon flavor, hands down was my favorite. When my sister brought home the lime flavor, I turned my nose up. I’m not really a fan of limes or their flavor. But being the brave little toaster I am, I decided to try a sip. And I am in loove! It has the same citrus-y flavor as the lemon, but not quite as bitter/harsh. You just have to try it.

Red Velvet Halo Top     I discovered Halo Top ice cream in a men’s magazine article a while ago, which is weird. But I decided to try it then, and it was pretty good! It’s not quite Ben and Jerry’s, I’ll be honest, but it’s significantly healthier and still tasty! The Red Velvet so far is the best one I’ve tried. Seriously thinking about doing a Halo Top taste test blog post, just so I can buy a bunch of them to eat. Now to make room in the freezer…

Classical Music     But a little bit different. I don’t want to spoil this one, you gotta check it out. Not quite a new favorite, but I rediscovered it a few days ago and laughed just as hard. I could watch this for an hour and still love it!

Darling Dodie Clark     So, I already had one musical favorite for the month, but I have to add another! Dodie Clark is like the cutest human, and she’s just so, legitimate, if that’s the word I’m looking for. She just reached a million subscribers on YouTube and recently released her EP. Check out my personal favorite of her songs, Secret for the Mad. The only song of hers I can probably play and its lovely, just like the rest of her music.

Steven Suptic     Yes, the Chicken Boi himself. When I first saw Steven’s videos, way back when with his Minecraft episodes, not gonna lie, I hated him. Thought he was funny, but his content definitely was not my taste. When he was on SuperPanicFrenzy, even though I loved Reina, still wasn’t a fan of his. After his second stint on SourceFed as a host, and now with his Alternative Lifestyle videos, I love his content. It’s incredibly high quality, it’s hilarious, and I love his friends. He’s in the midst of making a new channel, The Sugar Pine 7, and you should really check out his channel. Mark my words, Suptic is going to be one of the great few from the YouTube generation.

Look at that! One month of favorites done! In one week, I’ll have come to the end of my first month on the new site, and I’m really proud of the content I’ve made so far. It’s really pretty great. I mean, far from perfect, but I’m getting there. I will get there. Where there is, I have no f*cking clue really. I’ll be honest, I’m just running around in the dark with my eyes closed, but I’ll close up with a quote to pretend I’m far more philosophically driven than I really am:

“Life’s a journey, not a destination.”

                                                                                 -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think I’ll keep that idea as a tradition, ending my monthly favorites posts with a quote to sum up the month. It seems fitting, very me. Until next month (not really), writing to you from M, Personally



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