Things I Do That Are Not So Good

I was going to call this post “My Bad Habits,” but it just felt so negative and stereotypical and all around ‘meh.’ Anyway, these things are more just not so great things, they don’t all reach up to bad habit level, you know?

  1. Use my computer late   There’s that whole thing where using technology with blue-based light right before you sleep it really bad for you, your sleep cycle, and your eyes.. Well its 11:40 PM right now, and I’m typing this in bed. Clearly I am not a good follower of this rule.
  2. Very addicted to phone games   Speaking of technology, I get addicted to games on my phone so easily, it scares me a little bit. But I spend way too much time on the games on my phone. I’ve gotten better now, when I realize it, I try to delete the app. But definitely a not so good thing.
  3. Shoulda/Woulda/Couldas   I spend a lot of time thinking of what should have been, could have been, or would have been. You know, the alternate situations, if something had just bee different. I spend a lot of time thinking about this, looking backwards. And 99% of the time, this bring on heavier bouts of anxiety and depression and it’s just all pretty sucky.
  4. Snacks for Pupper   Lightening it up a bit, I constantly give my dog food. He’s like 6 lbs overweight and its so hard not to! He’s just so cute with his little booboo eyes and he just sniffers right up to you and looks all sad! I’m a terrible enabling doggie mom, I know. It’s not good.
  5. Eating in Bed   This one isn’t super common, but it’s pretty bad, especially when I’m at college. I do my best not to eat in bed, you know, bugs and crumbs and all. Plus add in that whole depressed behavior thing, it’s not so good. Also, just generally a little bit gross.
  6. Social Media   As someone who wants to work in social media marketing, this is both my superpower and my kryptonite. I love it, I’m a little bit addicted to it, and it has most definitely affected my life in a less than positive way. It’s impacted a lot of what I do, and I’m actively culling down my personal social media presence to prevent that from happening again.
  7. Focus   I know, focusing can’t be a bad thing, right?? That’s an awesome thing! Except I have a lovely bad habit of focusing on the wrong things. For example, focusing my entire day today on my big personal project. Instead of my homework, studying for my upcoming exams, going for the run I promised myself I would, or taking care if the growing mountain of clean laundry. But no. I just answered like 7 emails, stared at my whiteboard/window, and did a whole lotta nothing conducive.


So that it! I mean not really, the list feels like it’s eight miles long, but that’s a bit excessive for a blog post I think.

I think this post was good though. Just to share some of my flaws in a week end I was feeling particularly flaw-y. Getting it on paper makes it real, but it also takes it out of your head. It’s an acceptance thing, I guess.

Either way, I almost go this one out on a Tuesday! So, so close. But progress! I’m going to count it. Big post coming next week, with art and everything! Been working on it for a while, and I’m excited for it! Until then, coming to you from M, Personally


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