Little Survey for Humans

Hello all!

Long time, no speak! Remember all that timeliness, dedication, organization stuff? Yeah still  a little rough on that one. But here’s something for you!

Lately, I started to notice quite a few gaps on YouTube when if comes to the news-centered channels. I saw a lot of potential, and instead of waiting for something else to fill these gaps and someone else to be the next big thing, I decided I would try my hand at it, because honestly, why the eff not??

YouTube is always something I have admired from afar and wanted to become involved with. I’ve waited literally ten years for my opportunity. Pardon my french, but waiting hasn’t done shit. I’m being a go-getter, I’m taking a risk, and I’m pursuing something I love and am passionate about! Who knows, maybe it’ll crash and burn and I’ll look like a lame nerd on the internet. Or maybe that channel will go viral, and I’ll look like a lame, successful nerd with a big bank account, large scope of influence and haters and all that. That’d be pretty cool, right?

I’ve been working on getting a small team together, and we’ve been working on the name for our potential adventure. I’d love to get some opinions from some humans out there, and hey look! You’re human! Perfect, you can share some opinions and thoughts!

I made a little survey, and I’d really, really appreciate it if some of you would check it out! Here’s the link to the survey, I promise, it’s not long!

Every ounce of this post is coming from me, my heart, my soul, my passion. Surveying you, from M, Personally



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