Today I Did a Grown Up Thing

First off, this was last night, but whatever, close enough.

I was back on Tinder again lately. Which was a mistake in itself, let’s be honest.

I ended up going on one Tinder date from it. A nice guy, just went out to the local diner for dinner.

It was nice though. He was nice. Dinner was pretty good, I got a turkey club.     Ate the last bit for breakfast this morning before my run (Uber healthy, I know).

Last night though, I just was thinking it over a bit and I realized I wasn’t really interested in any kind of relationship in like, any form. I’m good right now dealing with my own nonsense and I don’t want anything or anyone else in my life. Not that he wasn’t nice or the thought of having a relationship isn’t nice, but it’s not what I want or need right now.

So the low key mess that I am, my first thought was like, kay let’s just avoid him. Which is so not a thing. Ghosting on people is not okay, and I’ve been ghosted on more than a few times. So I decided to be the big grown up girl I pretend I am and I texted him.

I told him I was sorry I hadn’t replied, and that I just wasn’t looking for a relationship like I thought I was and I didn’t want to ghost on him, or lead him on. I thanked him for the date, and that was that.

Looking back, I should’ve waited until this morning, I texted him late last night. So like, good morning, I’m out!, but you know, hindsight is 20/20. He hasn’t responded yet, but I didn’t really expect one, you know?

While I feel a bit bad about it, i didn’t want to go out with someone for the sake of it. If I’m dating someone, I want to want to date them. Like them as an individual, but also I want to be dating if that makes any sense.

This was a bit of a strange post, but I was proud of myself for woman-ing up and doing the adult thing. Just want to share that with you all, but until next time,

Writing to you from M, Personally


PS My shift key is broken, so writing this post was actual hell


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