Back from Outer Space

And with a lovely Gloria Gaynor Reference to start us off? How fantastic!

Well isn’t this different?? I decided to swap over to WordPress, as I’ve become entirely frustrated with Blogger and all but given up on them.

Plus I felt like it was time for a bit of a direction shift again. So here we are!

I won’t be moving over my posts from the original blog, but I will keep that one going, and I will reference it from time to time. I’ve got some projects in the works, and I’m planning on using this as a base point for them.

I have a lot of improvements to make with my blogging, but I’m hoping that with these new projects coming up and a good amount of self-determination, I’ll be getting back in the saddle and being a not utterly awful blogger!

I’ll keep this one short, but keep your eye out for more exciting things on the horizon! In the mean time though,

Coming to you from M, Personally


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